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wait this was supposed to be funny

Anonymous whispered: your favorite professor layton game?

…All of the games are great in their own special way so it’s hard to say. I’ve been asked this by a good friend of mine who’s a big fan of PL too, and I said the same thing. XD

Even though I end up bawling like a helpless baby on the floor at pretty much every ending, they are all great games. So if any of my followers out there are gamers (have a DS and/or 3DS) and love puzzle games and a good plot, Professor Layton is what I’d recommend. Though watch out for those plot twists, because oh my god every time there’s one my heart clenches.


Our internet was down since we came back home on the 2nd. So I used my time to finish Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and put my feelings into a fanart. I actually liked the game a lot, I declare it my second favourite Layton game after Unwound Future (which will never be beaten).

But yes, I’m back. Hello.


so I tried out the google voice recognition software on our boys and…


what a couple of derps 

Anonymous whispered: After seeing you answer that anon I really want to add you on animal crossing because you seem so nice and I also like making friends but I'm really shy!!

Thank you!! That mean a lot! And hi there! I’m really shy as well, and I’d love to add you too! (If you want to come off anon, you can (you don’t have to be shy ^.^), and my friend code is: 1993-8421-0942 eue).


it’s been a whole yr since i started sdr2 so what better way 2 celebrate other than seiyuu jokes and hinata hajime

Anonymous whispered: YOU HAVE ANIMAL CROSSING? :3

I sure do! You kidding? I practically begged for a 3DS last year just so I could play Animal Crossing: New Leaf (because I loved Wild World), and other games that were coming out later last year……^^;; (Like Professor Layton as well heheheh.)

If anyone ever wants to visit my town or something, message me and we can exchange friend codes! I’m always up to making new friends! (I’d also just like to talk to any of my followers…and say hi to you lovely people. But I’m a little awkward when it comes to first encounters/introducing myself. uwu)


im not sorry